Our destinations capture almost everything an adventurous traveller wishes for: diverse landscapes spanning mountains, dramatic rifts, vast forests and savannahs and plenty of water bodies. All of them offer plethora of activities. And our focus is on places and itineraries with few visitors.


Diversity of landscapes and cultures gives visitors an unparalleled opportunity to experience everything from steamy jungles, iced-covered mountains, savannas teaming with wildlife, plentiful rivers and lakes, as well as semi-desert landscapes. Find out more.

Western Tanzania

Dominated by Lake Tanganyika with dramatic surrounding landscapes such as mountainous parks, waterfalls, as well as vast wildlife areas. Find out more

Northern & Western Zambia

Northern part contains spectacular, vast and diverse landscapes dominated by large lakes (Tanganyika, Mweru, Bangweulu, Mweru-wa-ntipa) and a number of waterfalls (at least 10 major waterfalls). These water features are surrounding by dramatic escarpments and highlands. Widlife in this region is amongst the best including one of the largest national parks in the world as well as vast plains of Liuwa and Bangweulu. Find out more

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I am Juraj, your Adventure Travel expert for East and Southern Africa. I have worked and lived in Uganda and Zambia for the past 15 years and traveled by road to many corners of this vast and beautiful region. My work in conservation has enabled me to explore unique places, walking across vast savannas teeming with wildlife and trekking mountains. My specialty is always to seek new and less-visited attractive destinations for active adventure travelers to enjoy diverse activities in nature and experience rich local cultures. My passion is to show you this corner of Africa the way most people do not see.

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